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Berry and Spice double peel facial

New for the Holidays† The Double Peel add-on treatment with a relaxing one hour facial. ​Resurfaces the epidermis by removing dead skin cells and damaged stratum corneum layers that also block topical nutrients from entering the skin.† This peel combo will improve the appearance of your skin's texture , reduce the appearance† of pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.† Naturally high in vitamins and antioxidants your skin will be nourished and refreshed. ††


European Facial

This treatment offers a great exfoliation, hydration, and deep pore cleansing using tangy fruits and healing herbs. This process will leave your skin smooth and detoxified.


Eight Greens Revitalizing Facial

Antioxidant-rich, formulated with plant hormones to target acne and also treat hormonal aging. The power of super-charged greens clarifies and clears the skin while natural phytoestrogens repair and revitalize aging skin, visibly increasing its hydration and elasticity for a firmer, more youthful complexion every day of the year!


Signature Facial

Addressing a variety of skin concerns, revitalize your skin with a custom facial to meet your specific needs and help restore your skin to its natural balance. It includes a unique paprika masque along with a relaxing facial massage to smooth fine lines and relax both mind and body.


Oxygen Facial

This facial assists the skin's oxygen intake thereby stimulating cellular repair and metabolism. With bits of parsley and cucumber layered under a herbal paprika treatment, the blood's circulation is stimulated increasing the skins absorption of oxygen. It helps to detoxify and even the complexion, the perfect treatment for blemished, mature or hyper-pigmented skin.


Acne Facial

This treatment offers a great exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and hydration using tangy fruits and healing herbs. This process will leave your skin smooth, detoxified and healthy.


Back Facial

This deep cleansing treatment detoxifies and exfoliates eliminating surface impurities. Resulting in restoring your skin to it's natural balance with fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Facial with Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Repair and rejuvenate your skin with yammy peels that will leave your skin deliciously soft and clear. Exfoliate the signs of sun damage and aging in a series of enzyme peels designed to give you maximum results without irritation or the damage of traditional chemical peels. (add peel to half hour facial)


Facial w/ Blueberry detox firming peel

This enzymatic acid peel contains pineapple, lactic, tartaric (from grapes) and paprika to tighten the skin, and stimulate oxygen and blood flow. Refines and clarifies the skin, minimizes and clears clogged pores. High in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. No down time. Not recommend for sensitive skin.


Facial/w Arctic Berry Peel &Peptide Illuminating

This innovative 3-step peel and peptide system will give your skin a completely fresh start. The synergistic blend of are beneficial for reducing hyperpigmentation and inflammation, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. All acids are sourced from natural elements such as the hibiscus flower, grains, bitter almonds and sugar offering your the natural approach to a peel.



a quick, noninvasive, painless procedure in which surface dead skin cells are manually removed. there is no recovery time involved with this procedure. Dermaplaning increases cellular turnover while smoothing ans softening the surface of the skin. As an added bonus, it removes the fine vellus hair on the face, which can trap oil and dirt , leading to other skin problems. please check our website for more information


1 hr facial and Dermaplaning

one hour European facial with dermaplaning


1 hour facial,dermaplaning and LED

Full hour facial with dermaplaning and LED light therapy


Infrared Thearapy

Relax and unwind in Avellino's beautiful Tranquiltiy room. this peaceful and cozy retreat includes a 30 minute session in our Infrared sauna, use of shower and amenities. Infrared therapy is a relaxing and safe way to detox, strengthen the immune system, burn calories and improve lymphatic circulation. Unlike traditional saunas, your respiratory system is not exposed to high heat and is much more comfortable and effective.


Microgreens Detox Facial

Designed to combat the aging effects of free radical exposure, this facial nourishes and repairs skin while helping shield it from further damage.


Infrared Sauna Package Special

package of 5 only $150


Intense hot oil hand treatment

Warmed therapeutic oil is applied to the hands and massaged to hands and arms. Hands are wrapped and put in warm cozy mitts. This luxurious treatment is not only hydrating but healing and therapeutic.


Eye treatment

Relieves stress from eyes as it softens wrinkles. Reduces puffiness and diminishes fatigue circles under the eyes. (for add-on to facials and/or body treatments only!)


Paraffin treatment

Especially recommended for dry, dehydrated skin, this treatment is begun with an exfoliation massage of nourishing essential oils and sea salt then gently removed with warm towel compress, followed with a deep moisturizing paraffin application and warm gloves/booties.



An ancient healing art and holistic healing technique, massage and pressure is applied to relexes on the feet. By applying pressure to these reflex areas, you can relax and rejuvenate every part of the body. (may request hands and feet if desired)



Is a classical Ayurvedic treatment thousands of years old, in which warm oil is poured in a continuous stream across the forehead. Shirodhara boasts many wonderful therapeutic benefits, including enhanced blood circulation to the brain, improved memory, nourished hair and scalp, sounder sleep and a calmer body and mind. Shirodhara is one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress, relieving headaches and nervous tension.


Make-up Application

Keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy! Enjoy the pampering of having your make-up done while learning the proper procedures and what colors complement your own beauty.


Hydrating Collagen Neck Masque

(as add-on to any facial or body treatment) Marine Collagen, Mountain Lily and Vitamin E combine with the whitening power of Arbutin and Licorice Root to help hydrate, lighten, replace collagen, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin around the neck.


Intense Collagen Eye Treatment

Put aging on ICE! Taking rejuvenating eye therapy to a new level, this superb treatment reduces puffiness and fine lines while you relax and enjoy a therapeutic foot and leg massage with an organic leg treatment that improves circulation and relieves tired legs. For deep hydration, plumping and tightening of the skin around the eyes. This treatment is formulated with marine collagen to refresh and renew the delicate area around the eyes.


Detox Body Treatment

A rejuvenating treatment that begins with a light dry brushing to encourage lymphatic flow and circulation. Long massage strokes with warm oil relax the muscles and restores silkiness to the skin. Finally you are cocooned in warm, cozy blankets while enjoying a neck and head massage. Feel the tension just melt away.


Muscle Ache Relief Body Treatement

A professionally blended aromatherapy oil is gently massaged over the entire body. Heated towels are applied which penetrate deeply into the muscles for a truly relaxing and healing experience. Benefits include alleviating back pain, leg cramps, swelling and sciatic pain.


Aromatherapy Body Massage Treatment

This nurturing and nourishing treatment incorporates the wonderful rejuvenating powers of select vitamins and bioflavonoids. Rich in antioxidants, an organic mixture is massaged and worked throughout the body leaving the skin soft, supple and radiant.


Relaxation Body Treatment

A healing symphony of botanical and essential oils, your body will float off the table. Essential oils are used to relax the senses and enhance the benefits of the massage treatment.


Lavender Vanilla Body Polish

An exfoliating treatment using the healing powers of sea salts from the Dead Sea to detoxify and nourish the body's system. Combined with natural extracts of apricot, avocado and pure vanilla, this treatment will leave your body refreshed and silky smooth.


Birthday Cake Body Polish

Whether it is your birthday or you just feel like indulging without the extra calories...enjoy an exfoliating treatment with a yummy Chocolate Cake Brown Sugar Scrub. Relax and enjoy your special day!


Hot Stone Massage

Relax and melt away tension with a hot stone massage on your arms and legs. This relaxing service can be experienced alone or to enhance your favorite spa service. Using only the finest organic oil this treatment will be sure to put the Ahhhhh in your Spaaaaaa experience.


Hot Shell Massage

Just imagine combining the exfoliation of a salt glow and the heat of a stone massage with the beauty of the sea. This exotic treatment provides deep relaxation while increasing circulation, lymph drainage and the release of toxins. Other benefits also include relief of sinus pressure, gentle exfoliation and the relation of tight muscles. This treatment will be sure to deliver deep therapeutic sensations of comfort and warmth!


Hot Chocolate Massage Treatment

Using soothing chocolate oils with heated stones to relax knotted muscles, relieve tension and revive the holiday spirit.


Package A is for Ahhhhhhh

A exfoliating treatment of your choice is swirled over the body to help remove dead skin cells and to refine and leave your skin silky smooth. Treatment is followed by a warming foot paraffin treatment and finishing with a scalp massage while your body drinks in the hydrating aromatic oils. Invigorates and restores the body's natural vitality leaving it hydrated and refreshingly clean. The ultimate indulgence from head to toe!


Package B is for Blissful

Relax and unwind with a warm aromatherapy massage and relaxing treatment. While cocooned in warm blankets enjoy a calming eye treatment that will relieve stress from eyes as it softens wrinkles. Following a soothing hot oil scalp massage to whisk away tension. This antioxidant blend assists with soothing anxiety, improving circulation, restoring energy, and vitalizing the skin. This treatment also includes an organic anti-aging facial with the highest quality ingredients.


Package C is for Cozy

Infrared therapy eases tension, increases oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the body. Promotes relaxation and wellbeing. Next experience the lifting and rejuvenating properties of natureís best from warm paprika, cinnamon, apples,naseberry and grapes . Packed with anti-oxidants, resveratrol, vitamins, alpha-Lipoic acid and CoQ10 this warming, stimulating, anti-age facial will leave your skin refined, clear, regenerated and plumped! Approximate time 2 hours ... $130


Ultrasound Technology

Uses high level sound wave technology used to penetrate deep below the surface promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration.



Microdermabrasion procedure is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment that is comfortable and effective. The laser-cut diamonds offer a high-quality treatment that exfoliates the skin and whisks away dead skin cells for a smooth, softer and refreshed complexion.


Microdermabrasion with 30 min facial

Add Microdermabrasion to a half-hour organic facial customized to your skin type.


Microdermabrasion with 60 min facial

A relaxing one hour facial (extrations included) with added microdermabrasion treatment


LED Light Therapy Facial

A unique photopulsation technology which leaves a smoother, tighter and more radiant look to the skin with each subsequent treatment. This non-invasive technology truly gives the skin a more vibrant and youthful appearance as well as offers on of the quickest treatment times compared to other methods of skin rejuvenation. Suggested Treatments: 4-6 and to be performed between 7 and 14 days apart.


LED Light Therapy with Facial

A unique photopulsation light technology which leaves a smoother, tighter and more radiant look to the skin with each subsequent treatment. This non-invasive technology truly gives the skin a more vibrant and youthful appearance as well as offers one the quickest treatment times compared to other methods of skin rejuvenation.


LED Light Therapy Package

Four - Half hour LED treatments If more treatments are required ...pricing will honored at package discount for maximum 2 more treatments (total of 6) and must be performed between 7-14 days. Additional cost per treatment: $50


Scultpting and Fitness Facial

Treat your skin right with an advanced treatment that has been dubbed the "Pilates for your face"! This facial work-out begins with a cleanse, deep exfoliation to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Then the de-aging begins with microcurrent to rejuvenate, firm, tone and lift your skin. Finish with a deep hydrating treatment and powerful antioxidant protection and you will swear you have just rolled back the hands of time!


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